On Art:
I have been drawing since birth and it really wasn’t until high school that I started defining this facet of talent.  In the 9th grade I had a wonderful teacher (Kay Duffy) who allowed me to express myself without borders.  By 10th grade, my school had opened a new program called CREATE-ART which was more focused on technique and studying other artists techniques.  I was part of this program until my senior year, at which point i had advanced to the highest level.  Between 11th and 12th grade, I had a painting selected as part of an exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond, VA) and was also accepted into the Governors School of the Arts (held at Radford University, VA).
I graduated with honors in the arts program in 1988 from Colonial Heights High and was accepted at Corcoran (DC) and VCU (Richmond, VA) and chose the latter for college.  This was short lived due to my own stubbornness and naivety and I only attended for the AFO program and then left to join the public workforce.

In 1998, I picked up the paintbrush again and out popped two random paintings:
(JD)  and (Serene)

which hung for what seems like forever at a little bar called “The Hole in the Wall”.

Making these paintings awoke my creativity in a big way but I wanted to go bigger, so I created the next pair at 4’x5′:

(Bud) and (Utah ’96)

I managed to crank out a few more fun paintings including one of my best friend and fellow artist Jaime Pocklington:

and then one of my friend and tattoo artist George Archer and his wife Lane:

an interpretation of a Suicide Girl (Siren)

then a random photograph I found:

me with Sailor Bob:

and finally a college friend from a Halloween party:

By 2004, with the power of a new muse, I created a group of paintings that had a brief life of their own.  These yellow paintings had their 15 minutes and the ones that didn’t sell or get gifted still hang in my apartment.

Soon the creativity shifted back into music and I packed away my brushes, leaving a pile of unfinished works in my room.

I recently finished a wall mural in the Fan (Richmond, VA) and had a write up on popular blogsite Young House Love (see it here).
I worked with the client using Photoshop to allow her to see how the end result would look and also make modifications based on the furniture in place.

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