Music Production

I began playing music around 7 years old. I would recreate the tones I heard on the TV while staying with my grandma (Nannie)using her Magnus air organ. My favorites were the theme songs from Dark Shadows and the unforgettable “The Young & Restless”.

My parents were so impressed by my ability to play by ear, they purchased my first real organ, the Hammond Dolphin. I also was enrolled in lessons but due to my desire to continue to play by ear, the lessons lasted only a year. On the way out of the store (Lail’s Music, Colonial Heights, VA), the owner Sam Lail approached my parents with the offer of me becoming a salesman for the company. They would deliver an organ to a location, and I would come and play said organ for all the world to hear.

Me at 10

10 years old

My parents accepted and my music career began.
Beginning in Junior High, I began to collect all types of instruments until I had a small studio. I was recording myself with one tape deck, then playing back the tape while recording that with another tape deck. I would do this until the tape was hissing beyond recognition and I had a final track. Only later would I get my first Tascam Porta05 4 track recorder which would change everything. I upped the game by investing in my first synthesizer…a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 that couldn’t stay in tune for more than 30 minutes. I had created beats on various items around the house until I bought my first Roland TR-606 from a pawn shop for next to nothing. I was unstoppable and the tracks/songs/beats poured out on a daily basis. Then along came Alesis. My world changed again with the addition of the HR-16 drum machine and my very first rack mount effects unit, the MidiVerb!

~Colin Campbell and “This Business of Music”
~300+ Copywritten songs and growing
~WaxTrax, and the Discovery Channel
~New Horizons reggae years with AAE, Tunji, and HR
~Studio Nico vs Glasshand vs Montana (Glasshand wins!)
~The Beat Guild (my music production company)

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