Web Editing on the HTC Evo!

June 13, 2011

Today, in a pinch, one of my clients needed a quick change to her website.  Since I am without my laptop, I once again turn to this amazing phone, the HTC Evo, and ask it to assist.  What materializes are two amazing apps:  AndFTP and  Android Web Editor Lite (both free).  AndFTP is extremely lite and allows you to save multiple site info for fast access.  This is going to be valuable to me since at the moment, I am maintaining around ten different sites.  AndFTP connects very quickly, and the tree is perfectly spaced so you don’t hit the wrong directory by accident.  I was able to quickly download the index.htm file to be edited to my SDcard.

Next I open Android Web Editor Lite (AWEL). With a super easy interface, I navigate to my SDcard and select the file. It opens in a nicely parsed view, allowing me to quickly find the line to edit.  I save back to the same spot and then flip back to AndFTP and upload from my phone back to the web server, AND DONE!  I was very pleased with how quickly it worked and I will be buy the Pro version of AndFTP to get rid of the one, keenly placed ad-banner at the bottom of the screen.


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